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After seeing this craft post, I knew I had to have my own Hawkeye hoodie. Thanks for sharing, shinykari!

Went with lighter-purple on purple Kavio! hoodie. (I live in these hoodies; I have a dozen of 'em)

Movie!Hawkeye maroon emblem version coming soon. More complicated, with curved lines. Hope it comes out right.
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Note to artists: if I like your artwork but aren't sure which character you've drawn even though I'm familiar with the fandom, I probably won't comment on it even if I like the art. It's not that I think artists must label their art, I'm just not willing to look like more of a doofus than I already am.

*feels guilty*
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Another Halloween pumpkin! Code Geass this time.

Lelouch was sad that he didn't get a pumpkin. So I made him one. ^_^

Original picture and template below the cut. )
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So, here are the halloween pumpkins I carved for this year. And this year, I made the patterns myself:

Some details on making the patterns, behind the cut: )
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All three of these pictures (the second is not worksafe) are amazing, but the third? "The Last Waltz"? OH MY GOD.
(DH spoilers, yes)

Yes, it's het. Shut up. *eyes glaze over with mad lust*
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[ profile] soramame_kun has drawn me beeyoutiful cover art for Droit Du Seigneur! Harry/Draco kissin' with Lucius looking on. Go looky!
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*(Not nekkid, but not really worksafe, unless you want your work colleagues to know you're into it this deep)

Here's exactly what I don't have to courage to do with my doll creations--make beautiful pictorials like this. Partly because I don't work in Dollfies (which are so versatile), more because I admittedly haven't the photography or craftsman's skills. Snarry fans, go look, plus, don't miss this one. (Links came from her [ profile] snarry_olympics intro post here; feedback her if you like!)
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Oh, my. Check out this dramatic Poser artwork by [ profile] kamion, featuring an imagined Book 7 tableau of Harry, Lucius, Draco, Snape, and Voldemort. His/her other pieces are every bit as nifty!
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[ profile] mneomosyne has killed me with cute. Go check out little Snape having playtime at Spinner's End. And don't miss the first comment beneath the picture by [ profile] littleroo27; it's the perfect capper.
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[ profile] eliathanis drew me delicious Ponyboy!Harry/Trainer!Draco for my story, Their Worse Than Killing Lust. To see it, you'll have to be a member of the community [ profile] eliart (go here to join) because it's NC-17--or you could ask me to email it, I don't mind. Eee, ponyboy art! Go see and tell Elia she done good.

ETA: Elia has generously given us a direct link to the picture:
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I've been so busy trying to finish holiday exchange fics that I forgot to post these! I made another Potter-themed doll back in October. I made her for a dual purpose; I put her in a Halloween contest and so, as a result, she's a bit more...glam...than Hermione would likely dress, heh. Okay, say it, she's miniskirted and a tart! But g'wan, take a look anyway.

Look, it's Hermione Sue! Whee! )
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So, if you found it as annoying as I did that they moved the release date for V for Vendetta and ruined a perfectly fab's my reaction.

Free to all good homes.

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