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Game of Thrones: I finally gave in and read A Dance With Dragons even though I was trying to save it, because I couldn't allow myself to read anything marked for spoilers even if those spoilers might only be revealing stuff in the show or this season. Was afraid it might reveal things in ADWD, so, I went ahead. I think the show is compressing things admirably while making some of the books' Moments of Awesome even more awesome. This is very likely my favorite show on television at present.

Hannibal: It should go without saying, never watch Hannibal while eating. I like the show; the "is this a dream or is actually happening?" element is jarring, though, because you honestly cannot tell. They are going for the freakiest of serial murder premises/leitmotifs/dioramas imaginable. This article by Aja Romano delighted me about how the 'ship wars on this one are just insane, because "of course you can 'ship a fleshthirsty psychopath, but god forbid you should make him gay" is just too hilarious. (I see where all the Grahamibal is coming from, though. I'd even read it.)

Doctor Who: Back when Moffat wrote the occasional Doctor Who episodes, the Moffat "filler" episodes were my favorites. Now Moffat writes the story arc episodes, and now I love Moffat arc episodes and get bored with the filler ones that he doesn't write. It's strange, because I used to enjoy the arc episodes for being arc episodes and the filler were top-notch, but now the filler ones don't feel top-notch to me any longer.

Still watching (and enjoying) Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Arrow, and Glee.
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Okay, the teaser for this week's Doctor Who may have been the greatest opening in the history of Who. I say that even remembering the opening to The Big Bang last season. (And yes, I note both are Moffat episodes. My bias shows not at all, I'm sure.) Spoilers beyond )
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I come away from that terribly interesting and fun episode of Doctor Who written by Neil Gaiman with the main thought that the Doctor is absolutely right about click and learn! )
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Elisabeth Sladen has died.

I cannot believe I just typed those words. Sarah Jane, my darling first-acknowledged girlcrush. Oh.
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Thoughts on the Doctor Who season finale, "The Big Bang."

Spoilers won't let me use the icon I want outside the cut )
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Trying not to be a snob, but, 12 episodes into the 13 episode Doctor Who season, I'm bursting to say it: I like the Steven Moffat-written episodes way, WAY better than all the rest of this season's. I have multitasked my way through every one of the non-Moffat eps, bored at the pacing, at my lack of investment in the story. (Okay, The Vampires of Venice did have Helen McCrory, which may have curtailed my multitasking some.)

The twists in the latest episode are so deliciously twisty I'm aroused. Don't leave me, Moffat.
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The ending of the Vincent and the Doctor episode of Doctor Who Spoilers )
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I have only just finished watching the teaser opening of this week's Doctor Who (The Beast Below), but, remember that post I made a bit ago, about Things Are Different Here? Yes, yes, and yes; that is exactly the sort of thing that gets me. That opening hits all my erotic/creative buttons, makes me want to leap to write The Dirty Version of that sort of scenario.

All right, carry on. *goes back to episode*
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One of the things that endears me to Doctor Who so much is the way it invites its viewer fans to anticipate the story twists and hints, rather than trying to obscure them or startle you with them. It's like there's this mutual glee between the writer and the viewer, with the writer saying, "GUESS WHAT THIS IS" and the viewer saying "I KNOW I KNOW" and the writer saying back "I KNEW YOU WOULD GET IT RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE YOU ARE SO CLEVER, GO TELL YOUR FRIENDS HOW CLEVER YOU ARE, ISN'T THIS FUN," and then both writer and viewer squeeee like twelve-year-old girls at a sleepover. It matches the tone of the show and the main character in being so manic.
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Re: the latest Doctor Who episode: I loved it, and my non-spoilery detail reaction is damn, but ten extra pounds looks good on Michelle Ryan. She was beautiful in Jekyll, and now she's truly nommable. *noms*
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What are the chances that in the 1980s two Doctor Who fans independently wrote full filk versions of Evita? Both called it Whovita, of course. I wrote one and never showed it to a soul because, like, sucky 'n' embarrassing 'n' such. And I just learned today there's another one out there. Wild.
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Hey, Doctor Who/Torchwood fans!

The lead character on Knight Rider (Look, I don't watch it, but my default is NBC when the tv's on and I'm not watching anything, 'k?) just walked into his fictional workplace dressed for Halloween as Captain Jack Harkness. And they had the "Isn't he gay?" "He's omnisexual!" exchanges!
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Honestly? You want to engage me and make me believe you've ramped up the story? Stop effing shoving "ultimate," "supreme," and "maximum" into every other sentence. Oh, and "destiny." SURPRISE ME. ENGAGE ME. STOP TELLING ME HOW MUCH I SHOULD BE ENGAGED.

*looks at all the squee on flist* I guess I'm the only one who thought it was 45 minutes of "hey Mom, watch me watch me watch me watch me" tell-not-show, huh.
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Ha, that's just like me. An episode like that, a preview like that, and my most important thought is, Who's gonna... )
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Fired, every last one of you, FIRED, for not telling me to sit down and watch the sublimity that is Death Note. You made me wait until I stumbled across the premise for myself. You all suck. This show is full of so much clever my brain cannot process. Eeeeeeee. I just watched episode 7--the one that takes place almost entirely on the street and is kind of real-timey, a la 24?--and I'm frozen from going on, frozen, because it was so freaking perfect I almost want the series to end right there. You people with your Supernatural and your Stargate Atlantis--bah, I tell you, bah! *writes down entire flist's names on Death Note*

I did somehow make time in the middle of mainlining Death Note to watch the latest Doctor Who, "Midnight." Exactly the kind of story that deserves to be a one-shot, yay for spot-on pacing. I was very happy that my first suspicions of "Wait...don't tell me it will all turn out to be--" were unfounded, and yes, images of the Doctor's face during that scene will be etched on my retinas whilst in the throes of sexual joy in the future. As if you doubted.
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Now, come on, I know I'm not the only who thought, in the midst of all that heart-wrenching countdown drama, Spoilers for the episode )
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Without doing anything beyond bordering on spoilers, Doctor Who 4 x 08, Silence in the Library, is my favorite episode of the season, and I say that knowing full well they could fudge it all up next episode, but I don't think they will. This is exactly the sort of brain-pounding "Where is this all GOING, omigod??" that I loved about episodes like Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace.

I have finally got around to watching My Boy Jack--I've heard very little about this on my flist, which surprises me. I'd be watching this even if not for Dan Radcliffe, as my TiVo is set for Masterpiece anyway, but, migod, I'm only forty minutes in and I've been close to tears so many times. Radcliffe really can act, dear gods, he really can. And this is a perfect role for him, metaphorical even, as a young man in transition to grim adulthood. I suspect I'll really be at the kleenex before this is over.
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Non-detailed reaction to ep 4 x 06 of Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Daughter"...essentially one large serving of "Whatev." Authors for the episode evidently had a Buy Ten Contrivances Get One Free card that they were dying to use up in the name of Wouldn't This Be A Neat Idea.
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Spoilers up to and including The Poison Sky )
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My thoughts on the Torchwood Season Finale are all here, so go there and read everyone else's thoughts too.

Thoughts on the Battlestar Galactica opener--really don't have any beyond, "OOOOH! My shiny show!"

Thoughts on the Doctor Who opener: without being spoilery, who's already transcribed the silent scene so that I can get all the nuances?

(Anticipate spoilers in the comments.)

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