amanuensis1: (Default)'s early in October, I know, but I have a lot of projects to finish this month.

So I got an early start on my pumpkin carving!

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Goodnight, flist, goodnight.
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Yes, I got ambitious--one more pumpkin! I'm pretty sure this is the last one. (Heh, never say never.)

Okay, it's established that Jeremy Renner and his arms reduce me to a puddle, but I've recently found yet another great love too:


And here's my tribute:

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It's October 29 and time for another pumpkin! One more Avengers-themed one.


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Got started on my Halloween pumpkins early this year. I might do more in this set, but these are the two I most wanted to make.

Did you have any doubts as to the theme this year?

Hulk and Hawkeye. Simple designs, but I fell in love with them. Hulk was easiest, but I adore how its simplicity makes Banner stand out. Hawkeye--the detail on that bow, omigod. But I loved doing it.

Original artwork/templates and larger pictures below the cut )

Still early in October; might do more! (There's another photoset that could fit the bill for my Avengers obsession, too. ^_^ )
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I had one more pumpkin and an itch to do something cute and simple, so, this one took me only about two hours (it has large faces instead of little ones this time, whew). And not spoilery this time, so, I can put it above the cut.

A little lightness/contrast adjustment on this one in photoshop, but otherwise no retouching.

Nekozawa and his demon kitty puppet Beelzenef from Ouran High School Host Club. Some Black Magic Club representation for Halloween.

Original and template beneath the cut... )
Happy Halloween again!
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Most years I know what I'm going to do for a halloween pumpkin pattern weeks before; this year the exact pattern eluded me. I wanted something that would top the difficulty level of last year's and also spoke to me, but that never quite happened. So I picked two that appealed and left it at that, not worrying about topping previous efforts.

Both images are Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler; one image is a promo poster and the other a screencap from Kuroshitsuji II, and combined they look pretty damn spoilery (though they still don't give away as much as you'd think), so, if anyone wants to go unspoiled for Kuroshitsuji II (I'm looking at you, [ profile] son_of_darkness) DUN CLICK.

Pumpkin pictures are unretouched!

Preview #1:

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Preview #2:

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What I learned: Faces are a lot easier to do when they're LARGE. It was hard getting the little faces on these two even as accurate as this, and I never did arrive at "perfectly happy with it." But it was fun all the same!

Happy Halloween, everybody!
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*happy dance* Man, I did not think this one would come out this well. Thought I'd got too ambitious this year. (Sorry if I'm preening a bit, but I'm so happy with this.)

Kuroshitsuji Halloween pumpkin!

The image I wanted. Alois in the opening credits:

And the result.

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I didn't carve my Halloween pumpkin this year until the 31st!

This is the original screencap that I chose:

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

And this is how the pumpkin came out (unretouched photo!):

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So, here are the halloween pumpkins I carved for this year. And this year, I made the patterns myself:

Some details on making the patterns, behind the cut: )

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