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Avengers recs list part two. 44 recs.

(Part one back here.)

Team / Avengers-style Slice of Life )

Mythic )

Romance )

Angst/Dark that doesn't quite fit elsewhere )

Hurt/Comfort / Whump!Kink )

Character bonding )

My very specific 'Loki totally did Clint while he had him' list )

Enjoy! Leave the authors feedback!
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Stuff I learned about Avengers fic and about me while I was making this list:

1. No matter how dark or grim the story, if Tony Stark is voicing it and the author is even halfway decent, the story WILL get a humor tag.

2. The classification "Team" is real and exists, even if it turns out I just made it up. Explanation: though there may be pairings in the story-- sometimes background and sometimes foreground (in fact, sometimes shown to the extent of bumping the story to NC-17)--the sense that this is a story about the Team as a whole overrides the pairings. This seems to be common in Avengers fanfic, or at least common in the ones I'm drawn to and reading.

3. My list is heavy on the Hawkeye. I do not apologize. Seeing his name just in mention makes my pulse pound. Reading great lines or bits of his lays me out flat. It does not help that other authors agree Clint deserves great lines and bits. So, yeah, even my quote selections here are heavy on the Clint.

4. It's hard to separate "character x/character y" stories from those which are "character x & character y" stories. So I don't even want to try, sometimes. Call it pre-slash or pre-het if you want. *shrug*

5. Some of the stuff written for [ profile] avengerkink was clearly written in haste and beta-less. When the meat of the story's good enough I can forgive nearly anything. (But, yeah, it has to be that good.)

List o' Avengers recs, part one. 34 recs, this part.

The Epic )

The 'I'm Here For the Porn' )

The Crack )

Adventure )

Metafic )

(Continued in part two.)
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Actually getting my recs list into shape, here, and I had a wondering come up on me. Posing it here to everyone because, curious.

[Poll #1849991]

Discussion is invited!
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While I am still in a stew over Megaupload (hell, I'm still stewing over the livejournal comment page changes--don't think I'm not refreshing [ profile] lj_releases, waiting for you to fill all those damn tickets, lj!), writing a coherent defense of the New Model of Media is going to take a solid day out of my life, and I don't have that day right now. So I've sensibly sat on my notes and tucked my dismay into the corner for now and will carry on with business as usual on the lj. For the moment that means more YA/Juvenile fiction recommendations.

Had anyone heard of Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean? Its book jacket proclaims it "The first-ever authorized sequel to J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan"; in 2004 the copyright holders of Peter Pan searched for an author to write an official sequel, and McCaughrean got the honor. This is not like the Dave Barry or Ridley Pearson pastiches, nor is it one of those sideways twists on the Peter Pan story; the language is meant to reflect J.M. Barrie's original work, and so is the feel of the fantasy, with sly jokes and nostalgia touches adults will get. (If you haven't read the original Peter Pan and Wendy I recommend you drop what you're doing and have a look now; you won't believe how much of it's aimed at adults.)

I thought this sequel was enchanting. As a sequel it retcons nothing of the original work and yet still manages to slip Wendy and the Lost Boys back into the work neatly. There are 1930s England sensibilities crossed with Neverland familiarities. There's clever child-logic-magic. And there's darkness and heartbreak poking at the edges, too. Very much recommended.
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The "First sentence on page 45 of nearest book describes your sex life in the next year" meme:

From A Drowned Maiden's Hair by Laura Amy Schlitz:

The woman continued to limp toward the table.

Ooh, if that means there will be table bondage and beatings, yay!

I have an ulterior motive in doing the meme, because I want to recommend the book (which is why it's the book sitting next to me). A Drowned Maiden's Hair is subtitled "A Melodrama," and it does fit well into that category, featuring orphanages and mysterious benefactors and crumbling old houses and lies. It's actually quite fun and optimistic, for all that. And I couldn't put it down. The heroine is plucky but earnest, in a way I enjoy. Eva Ibbotson has an endorsement on the book's back cover and the author actually includes her in the dedication for pushing her to write the book.

And speaking of Ibbotson, a few days later I read another "orphans and mysterious benefactors and crumbling old houses and lies" book by Eva Ibbotson, which nevertheless couldn't have been a more different story from the previous book. But still completely delightful and with that same upbeat direction. This heroine is more sweet than plucky, and quite lovable. It's called The Star of Kazan, and while I think Eva Ibbotson hardly needs the endorsement, this really was one of my favorites of hers I've read. (Though nothing can top Which Witch?.)

Both are available as ebooks on Amazon and I found them in the juvenile section of my public library.
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I finally made time to read [ profile] circe_tigana's delightful original erotica, Playing With Prudence.

It's wonderful smut! The language is lush but never too much--plenty of dialogue to keep the whole thing moving, and every scene is ripe with sex. It's full of bondage games and people who love each other very much and enjoy pushing boundaries. Go here and read excerpts and be linked to Total E-Bound's site where you can read more reviews and buy it if you'd prefer to get it from the original publisher rather than Amazon.
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I picked up another YA book a couple of weeks ago; The End of the Line, by Angela Cerrito. This was supposed to be one of those "I'll read a few chapters of this and then go do other things" books; then the sonuvabitch locked me in its sights and had me in two pages, and I couldn't put it down until it was done. What was going on? Was it a reform school? A dystopian future? A dreamstate? The psychology of it is so thick that I found myself gasping after every chapter, setting the book down and having a heart-thudding few moments of what would I do, what would I have done if I this were happening to me. It's like an unintentional Choose Your Own Adventure, every chapter. Highly, highly recommended.
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My yuletide gift is so amazing I'm blushing. I saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly this year for the first time and fell under its spell, and all I could say about my slashvibe fantasies was that I wanted credible slashfic between The Good and The Ugly, but couldn't write it myself, couldn't go there. But someone did, for me, did it in all its NC-17 in-character glory. Oh, thank you, thank you, anonymous, thank you ever so much. It's exactly what I would have written if I could, right down the viewpoint (Tuco's), tense (present), and story length (perfectly setup/smut/denouement, no sludgy bits at ALL.)

If anyone else is keen go read Nothing Personal, Tuco/Blondie, about 2500 words of glorious hot western smut.

(Eee, I got young Clint Eastwood slash! --or, as the S.O. says to me in witness of my glee, "So, you do feel lucky, punk?")
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There will be no headlines in newspapers, but it's the end of an era all the same. [ profile] epicyclical posted the last chapter of Draco Veritas today, third and last book of The Draco Trilogy.

I think a lot of HP fandom types can remember their first discovery of Cassandra Claire's stories in the same way that people remember where they were when they heard that man first walked on the moon, or when famous people died. Me, I found Cassie's A Season In Hell first off, early on in my discovery of HP fanfiction, back in late 2002. I remember I was on vacation and in a hotel, and read the thing cross-legged on my hotel bed, using dial-up and a hotel bible for a mouse wrist rest. I was writing my first HP fanfiction at the time--Other Chambers, Darker Secrets--and was poleaxed. Literally (as in, well, literally fell over, not literally hit with a poleaxe. Heh). Lay there across the garish hotel bedspread, breathing shallowly, wondering why on earth anyone should bother trying to write anything else after that. And I read Draco Dormiens the next day, and had to stop writing OC, DS for three days because I had to write fanfiction for her fanfiction before I could go on (that was Because of Who You Are--total fluff, but I was in LOVE, man). I'll never forget how sweet and gracious she was when I sent that story to her, asking her if she'd mind if I tried to archive it on

Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister, and Draco Veritas are, someone's calculated, almost one million words of fanfiction. The stories and characters within them mean almost as much to me as Rowling's series itself.

There's a big fat ache in the center of my chest for the end of this one. I'm sure I'll be having a cry soon.

*[ profile] epicyclical is letting us know that at some future date her fanfiction may/will be removed from web archives, so those of you who want to read it should save copies now. Pdf files of the three parts of the Draco Trilogy (with pictures!) are available at the bottom of the DV epilogues page here.
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[ profile] mneomosyne has killed me with cute. Go check out little Snape having playtime at Spinner's End. And don't miss the first comment beneath the picture by [ profile] littleroo27; it's the perfect capper.
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This? Best title ever.

Gets It From His Father, by [ profile] the_con_cept. Meant as parody, but still sexy as hell. Come on, guys, there's got to be more Snarry Severitus out there for me to feel ever-so-wrong about. At least one of you started some but it went the way of (nearly) all WIPs. Anybody? Bueller?
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[ profile] paronomania has written a tasty dirty shameless piece of rapefic that hits all my ticky boxes, so to speak: it's "oh no, I have to rape you now" fic where the rapist is not too sorry to have to do this; the victim is a shocked innocent and never becomes a happy participant despite forced arousal; it's nasty unpretty rapefic that borders on the icky at times, and it just keeps escalating, with an ending that pushes the premise over the edge in a delightful way--delightful to us as loves this kind of thing, that is.

If this has you saying, "Ew," please scroll on past the link; if it sounds like just your thing, check out For the Cause, primarily SS/HG, dark non-con, warnings also for chan and bestiality.

ETA: The link now takes you to its new archived home.

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