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I have to say, I loved Michelle Obama's fashion choice for the inauguration. It did everything it should--attractive but fashionably conservative: deep neutral colors, weather-appropriate, and in absolutely no way attempting to compete with the incoming first lady. A total "I am not in a contest, there is NO contest going on," right down to the hairstyle. I long to always show that degree of class.
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In the county in which I live, Trump did win the vote. So I assumed that today at work there would be have to be a number of people who would look happy.

Nuh-uh. Everyone I encountered was subdued, quiet. No one talked about it, just went on with work in a very unconversational and dull way. No one seemed to want to meet each others' eyes, as if looking too long would lead to talking they didn't want to do.

After Dubya won, I wept and howled and tore at my hair. Today I'm just...tired.
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Kind of afraid I fell asleep and dreamt it, you know?
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Whaddya mean, there were no exit poll results to be had all day? I want spoilers, dammit! TODAY NO ONE IS A SPOILERPHOBE.

Darnit, I'm making myself go to bed at a reasonable hour. Even if I don't sleep
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I vote based on two issues: abortion rights and gay marriage. (No candidate is ever anti-economy. That's not even in the equation for me.) Before Obama and McCain chose their running mates, my choice was clear. Now that both have chosen, and Palin has been described as anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage? My choice is still clear. I wouldn't call my mood happy, exactly--I wish no one in America was against these two issues--but it relieves me in that I still do not have to be at all indecisive in how to cast my vote.

And that's really all we have control over, isn't it.

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