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While I sit here gnawing my arm waiting for The Avengers, I gotta say, the most recent episode of The Legend of Korra, "The Spirit of Competition," is one of the most perfect pieces of storytelling I've encountered in a less-than-half-hour episode. That? Coulda been a freaking season on another show. An agonizing, why-are-you-stretching-it-out-this-way season.

I think one of the things that delights me so about the Avatar TLA universe is that it refuses to get caught in the "If Only Those Characters Had Talked About What They'd Seen For Just Fifteen Seconds We'd Have Got Past That Misunderstanding And Could Have Avoided That Whole Plot" cliché. (I'm sure there's a shorter TV Trope name for it.) ATLA refuses to do that. People see something, they misunderstand, but are shortly talking about it and working it out so that we can get on with better story.

Spoilery breakdown and squees )
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This is what happens when morning lecture is two hours long with lots of technical difficulties and you have a notebook in your bag.

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
Title: Third Time's the Finish, Dammit
Word Count: ~1,000
Our heroes' next generation. Includes details from the first TLoK episode.

'That,' moaned Katara, 'is it.' )
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(and now I can join communities and look at wikipedia pages and stuff wheeeeee)

Title: An Immodest Proposal
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Summary: His second official act isn't as well-received.
Rating: Very very G.
Words: ~1600
Author's Notes: A little scene I imagined as the last episodes approached. Something to flesh out the denouement, for the incorrigible multishipper in me. Spoilers for the series.


His first official act... )
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I'm utterly in love with Avatar. So much so that ten episodes from the end I halted watching in order to make a big ol' I Love This So Much, No Matter How It Ends post to share with those who are similarly squeeful.

And I'm doing it using big honkin' pictures.

Post of Joy for Avatar: The Last Airbender using a few dozen screencaps. More than one Harry Potter comparison within. Images up to episode 311; I suppose that's spoilery but there are no deep 'who lives and who dies' spoilers or anything like that. )

Please not to be spoiling me for the remainder of the series? I want to get it fresh, kthanx.
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I have given Fullmetal Alchemist (the original series) three episodes, and that's one more than I gave Bleach, and it doesn't have me, so, I'm stopping. I will give the new version of the series a try.

And I had thought 07 Ghost had me with the first episode--military-in-training BFF boys! Lost amnesiac royalty! He-killed-my-dad revelations!--but then episode two changed the setting and started inserting the supernatural stuff in handfuls, and that's a story I no longer care about so much.

Who was it who asked me to check out Soul Eater? I watched the first episode. It's cute and well-done! But it's not dark enough to hold me. (No, I can't explain why something needs to be "dark enough" and yet I can't get enough of Chi's Sweet Home/Chi's New Address. The rest of you are free to tell me why.)

Those of you gleeful that I'm watching Avatar, I've finished the first season and am squee-dancing as I wait for more discs to arrive. It's wonderful.

Back to mainlining Hikaru no Go. I've read the manga and am reliving the joy and tears all over again now that I'm watching the anime. (The manga's so huge I can't even remember how some of this s**t goes down and I'm on the edge of my seat every episode. That's a series.)
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Sooo...I popped in my Netflixed DVD of Avatar: The Last Airbender and let out a yowl of anger when I found there was no option for the original Japanese audio. I went to the web to find an English subbed version with the original language audio.


...Guys, I swear I did not know. I had assumed it was anime!

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