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Saw the Rifftrax of Sharknado 2 last night. I now 'ship Matt Lauer/Al Roker.
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Fifty minutes after learning that Rifftrax had done The Avengers, the S.O. and I were already 45 minutes into it. I made noises of screeching hilarity I may never have made in my life.

"Kneel before me!"
"We would, but we've got Zod pencilled in for a kneeling-before right now."

I assumed it would be difficult to make a riff of The Avengers funny, since the script self-riffs, but they actually used that as meta. And even though the Rifftrax guys fall into taking the low road sometimes--they've got a habit of irritatingly one-note-ing a character over and over, what with "We hate Ben Affleck" in Daredevil, "Robert Downey Jr.'s had a drug problem" in Iron Man, and "Hawkeye's a lame superhero" in this one--I still laughed like a loon. Check out for some quick gifsets of jokes, or watch the preview on the Rifftrax site.

And it gave me what I think must be a terribly embarrassing revelation: remember in the film when (trying not to spoil) one character says, "This was never going to work if they didn't have something to..." and doesn't complete that sentence?

Yeah, well...I never once finished that sentence in my head with avenge. It was always something to bring them together, or something to fight for. And when the Rifftrax guys actually went there my mouth went open at the obvious. Where I'd never once gone. *facepalms*
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I've discovered that I know the movie Alien so backwards-and-forwards that when the Rifftrax for it comes up in random shuffle on my iPod, I can just leave it on and know exactly to what they're responding and laugh like a loon.

"I wonder if she's ever really wrought a cart?"

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