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Sooo...these are my current Yuletide noms:

Black Jewels Books - Anne Bishop

(There's Black Jewels fic out there, but I really want some fanfiction takes on Kermilla's unresolved fate. Y' think she ever got a clue?)

Sorcerer's Lair (Video Game, part of Zen Pinball)
-Jake's sister
-The Sorcerer

(This! Oh, I want someone to write an actual story for this pinball table.)

General Winston's Daughter - Sharon Shinn
-Lady Averie Winston
-Ket Du'kai

(Just finished another reread of this book. A lot of room for sidestories and continuation on this one, I think.)

Eleanor Rigby (Song)
-Eleanor Rigby
-Father Mackenzie

(I dunno, I've just always had an urge for a creative take on this song's backstory, and it doesn't look like I'm going to end up writing it myself, so.)
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So, signed up for three of the Avengers holiday exchange fests that I was eyeing: [ profile] be_compromised(Clint/Natasha), [ profile] avengers_xchng (overall Avengers), and [ profile] clint_hawkeye (Clint-centric). I figure that's enough to keep me busy but not doubting my ability to get 'em done. I already have my assignment for Clint/Natasha and am making headway. I did want to sign up for the [ profile] cc_exchange Clint/Coulson fest, 'cos I still haven't written anything for that pairing and I really enjoy it, but I got intimidated when I read through the fest participants' prompts and realized I would like to read stories for all of 'em but didn't actually want to write most of those prompts. But maybe the Clint-centric and overall Avengers fests will give me the chance. (Plus maybe having multiple projects will let me get back the fic that's sitting at a few thousand words waiting to be finished.)

I'm surprising myself with the thought that I might not actually sign up for Yuletide. I do love Yuletide, but all I really want to focus on is Avengers or my own original fiction right now. I'm thinking I might haunt the prompts on my flist and on the pinch hitters group and look for a specific prompt to grab me, so I can still participate when Yuletide Madness comes around; that's always fun.

Anyone want to lobby me for something? Or share your own fest plans?
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Yuletide reveals!

I discovered who created my Yuletide gifts! [ profile] fyrie wrote my Mulan-Aladdin crossover, [ profile] twistedchick wrote my 1776 Adams/Franklin, and [ profile] _hannelore wrote my Rapunzel/Little Mermaid! You guys are wonderful. Thank you all again for a fabulous Yuletide!

So imma gonna reveal my own Yuletide fic and meta on it for a minute.

Title: Deuxième Appendice (Second Appendix)
Fandom: Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) by Choderlos de Laclos
Pairing: The Vicomte de Valmont/The Chevalier Danceny (with background canon pairings)
Summary: An additional collection of letters reveals that the conquests of the Vicomte de Valmont were not confined to the ladies of the controversy.
Words: ~7,000

I wrote for Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) by de Laclos, which you probably know has been done in multiple movie versions (and put John Malkovich on the hot badboys actor map). But if you've read the original material, you'll know the book is epistolary. The recipient, v_v_lala, was asking for Valmont/Danceny slash, which made me think the obvious response was to write all the letters that revealed that particular relationship. And the entire thing was written in my head at that moment, really; it was just a matter of getting it down on paper. Which is what all the cackling was about.

I knew that the story was going to appeal to a limited audience because that sort of lofty, 18th-century-fake-letter-writing-style-in-translation would not be everybody's cup of tea, but the opportunity to imitate that style was like a dam bursting. Not just delight but relief. The sick thing is, I nearly write like this every day, in work emails. No, really. I have to rein myself in when I begin to type, "What is wanted by the parties requesting these concessions is our receptive ear," and then I sob and backspace the whole thing and instead type, "The people who say they want these things really just want to know we're listening to them." Which, yeah, may be better writing but it makes me sad that the English language is as rich as it is and I don't get to play with it in the way it deserves.

So, anyway, I got to play with it for this story. You'll either like that sort of thing or not. If you do happen to like the style in the book of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, check out my fic.
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Oh! Look what just rolled down the chimney on the 26th!

I'm so glad I posted about my Yuletide gifts; someone must have seen the post and realized I didn't get email notification, for some reason, about a third gift fic: Devotin' Full Time to Floatin', ~2000 words, Rapunzel/Ariel crossover, and the girls get up to such naughty things in the water (like you do). Smutty and sweet!
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I got two full-length fics for my requests this Yuletide!

I got Disney Princess crossover fic, A Sense of Freedom, ~10K words, featuring two of my favorite Disney heroines (and their hunky, humorous guys), and the characterization and the plot and the way this story brings together two canons so seamlessly are so darn wonderful that it matters not at all that it isn't femmeslash; it wouldn't have worked for this story and I wouldn't have this story be any different from what it is, it's that delightful.

And I got 1776 fic, A Passion For Polite Intercourse, ~4K words, featuring John Adams/Benjamin Franklin in a scene one unmistakable step beyond innuendo, yet so wonderfully steeped in euphemism I sputtered myself silly. (It's the only AO3 story with a tag for "roast duck," too.) You will hear DaSilva and Daniels's voices when you read this, I swear.

I'm so happy to have been the instigator for these! I know the story I wrote for Yuletide is going to appeal to a narrow audience because of the style, but the comments I have got on it have been lovely. Will share after the reveal, of course!

I had wanted to provide some Yuletide Madness gifts but was stymied by the layout of the requests. The amount of work that elynross and astolat et al put into Yuletide is staggering, so it seems unfair of me to want to burden them further, but I hope that next year the archive is designed so that when Madness comes around, the requests will be organized by fandom. (In all other respects I find myself loving AO3 more and more. I didn't know you could download the stories in mobi format! How fab is that?)
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Yuletide fic is finished! I should be banned from writing in that style; it's criminally easy for me to slip into that kind of voice. The format, though, is one I don't think I've tried before, so that was enough to give me gleeful cackles.

Writing for these small Yuletide fandoms gives me the sense of That's it; there is no other story I can ever write for this fandom; that was the behind-the-scenes tale I wanted to see told, and that's all I have for it, even if I didn't really have any idea what behind-the-scenes tale I wanted to write for that fandom until the recipient requested it. Somehow just one story solidifies, and I feel as if know that's the only one I can write for that fandom ever; the wad is shot. Does that happen to anyone else?
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So, like, when you guys got your Yuletide assignment, did you scroll down through the email, looking at the first request, thinking, "No. That's not the match. I didn't offer that. Did I? I WAS IN A STATE OF MADNESS WHEN I SUBMITTED MY OFFERS; MAYBE I DID. No, calm down. Keep looking." And did that happen for each of the requests, cruelly and slowly (like a fairy tale narrative where all the older siblings go out first on the quest but they all blow it until the youngest kid goes off and tries) until you got to the very last one in the list, and you said OH MY GOD WHAT and then saw the details and then said "...Oh. OH. Yeah, I can do that. Yeah. Oh, YEAH. MWAH HA HA HA HA HA."

...or was that just me?
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Dear Yuletide Author:

I'm sorry you're stuck with my oddball requests! Not to mention how one-track they are; to have a requester who keeps coming back to slash, femmeslash, and more slash might give you the eye-rolls, rightly so. But I'm a romantic (or at least an erotic), and my favorite part of fanfiction is coupling folk together in the most delicious and unpredictable of intimacies. I ask forgiveness, but I don't really apologize for wanting. I'm only sorry that you might be unfairly burdened.

But, here you are and here I am, so, on with the requests. You've read the email, so, all that's left to add is the general stuff. I've asked for serious stories; not that I don't like lunatic crack but these three fandoms are new ground for me and I feel if they aren't taken seriously it will mean they're not to be taken seriously, and I'll be embarrassed for even wanting them. Does that make sense?

This doesn't mean I wouldn't want humor. Humor is so often what allows pairings like these to come into existence, isn't it? Wit and banter feel like they'd be necessary to drive the relationships in two out of my three requested fandoms, actually.

1776 )
Disney Princesses )
The Avengers (2012) )

My LJ is open to anonymous comments; you can ask me any questions here if you have 'em.

Most importantly, THANK YOU. I hope the whole thing seems a delightful challenge!
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Played about with Yuletide Nominations, and, as usual, was confused by the rules new to this year. Found a fandom I'd nominated was rejected, and because it was apparently requested by someone before me (and they were rejected), I can't edit it and choose something else. *throws up hands* I think I shall just sit over here and yell at all the whippersnappers to get off my lawn.
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My yuletide gift is so amazing I'm blushing. I saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly this year for the first time and fell under its spell, and all I could say about my slashvibe fantasies was that I wanted credible slashfic between The Good and The Ugly, but couldn't write it myself, couldn't go there. But someone did, for me, did it in all its NC-17 in-character glory. Oh, thank you, thank you, anonymous, thank you ever so much. It's exactly what I would have written if I could, right down the viewpoint (Tuco's), tense (present), and story length (perfectly setup/smut/denouement, no sludgy bits at ALL.)

If anyone else is keen go read Nothing Personal, Tuco/Blondie, about 2500 words of glorious hot western smut.

(Eee, I got young Clint Eastwood slash! --or, as the S.O. says to me in witness of my glee, "So, you do feel lucky, punk?")
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Various flist posts say Yuletide signups opened today; I swear, every year, I can never ever find the dratted sign-up page. Am never linked to anything official on my flist from Yuletide itself to make this announcement or point me in the right direction. Help?
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So, what did I write for Yuletide? One full-length fic and two Madness ficlets.

Master Li and Number Ten Ox fandom (Bridge of Birds and sequels, Barry Hughart):
The Huli Jing
jenqzy asked for "a new brief Li/Ox adventure," in the style of the books. Thank you so much for the inspiration; I wouldn't have dared to try to create it if you hadn't asked! 3475 words.

Baccano! fandom:
When They First Met
Miaou Jones asked for Isaac/Miria fic, and anythingbutblue and bananastasia said they wanted fic of how Isaac and Miria might first have met. I've had my "isn't it obvious?" opinion on that since the first episode. 523 words.

WALL-E/ Battlestar Galactica crossover:
ageorwizardry wanted to see these two fandoms come together, so I had just enough of an idea to make a ficlet out of it. 286 words.

Thanks to everyone who commented; every one of the reviews had me squeeing!
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One official Yuletide story already in, and today two Yuletide Madness drabble-ficlets completed and uploaded. Think I'll call it a night!

(This was much more fun than wrapping presents.)
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By the way, hearkening back to my earlier post--this doesn't spoil anything, since you can see on the Yuletide list of requested fandoms that no one asked for it--I did not get assigned to write for Richard Adams's The Plague Dogs. I decided, when I accidentally included it in the list, that rather than redo my list I'd just go read the book once and for all, even before the assignments came out, so I got it from the library.

I got through Ulysses easier than this. This is...guys, I have written some interesting metaphors myself in my time, some of them admittedly more purple than should be seen outside of crackfic, but this takes them all:

...Rowf's rump slid suddenly forward as smoothly as a turd from a healthy anus...

I can't even facepalm. It's too squicky.
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Ooh, I like my assignment for Yuletide lots. I thought I might get this one last year; it's something I've loved for a long time and am thrilled to have the motivation to write for it.

Regarding my own request,

Dear Yuletide Santa/Kringle/Hanukkah Fairy/etc.:

Everything I had to say about the specific fandoms, I think I covered in my request. If you'd like to hear more details about my fic likes in general:

Yes, I love slash. I discovered I liked m/m slash at the same time I dove headfirst into fanfiction; it was not a coincidence. Three of these four fandoms that I chose for Yuletide, I chose because I cherish the slashy possibilities of the two main characters. Having said that, I also like friendship fic, pre-slash hints, femslash, humor, crack (I adore well-done crack), Alternate Realities... I love NC-17 smut, but I won't be sad if the fic chooses not to go there, not if it doesn't feel right to you.

Please don't feel you have to write an epic. Short fic is often the most rewarding. I eat up even drabbles. Write me 5 200-word drabbles to make the word count minimum; I'll still go ape.

Thank you so much!
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I filled out my Yuletide form, and when I saw that I'd messed up on one I'd volunteered to write--picked Richard Adams' The Plague Dogs instead of Watership Down--I thought, fudge, if I get stuck with that one, I should just suck it up, go read the book and write the damn thing. S.O.'s been telling me for years I should read it.

For exchange fests like these I get more excited thinking about what I'd like to write. What I request is a bit bewildered-feeling, half-hearted. Is that what everyone feels? When I click with a fandom, I usually think about the story that comes to me, which means it's a story I want to write, not a story I want someone else to write.

What I want from other authors are the stories I can't think of.
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Made my Yuletide list. I asked for 4 fandoms already on the list:

Ginn Hale - Wicked Gentlemen
Sunshine (2007)

And I added two that weren't:

Arturo Perez-Reverte - Captain Alatriste series
Michael Manning - Androgyne series (The Spider Garden/Hydrophidian/In a Metal Web)

I was surprised those hadn't been on there! For those who are curious about the latter, it's graphic novel erotica, and as intricately visual as it is, it's got a fascinating plot that was cliffhangered in the last volume, so it screams for fanfic. Check out the author's lj at [ profile] metalweb. Note: Manning's stuff is very NSFW and he doesn't hide his art behind cut-tags, bless him.
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On December twenty-first, I looked at the noon sun (it was actually out), looking diluted and wan as if it were only an hour or two to dusk, and thought, "But now you're going the OTHER way." Solstice always gives me that relieved feeling, like I've just averted a disaster. (Maybe that's another reason I liked the film Sunshine so well.)

I was/am made of fail in getting holiday cards out this year; if I get my act together I might still get 'em out for New Year's (it's part of "the holidays" too!), BUT I got my Yuletide story in early (plus one ficlet) so I'm not going to beat myself up too badly.

Woo. Day off today. Yay! Smooches to all, whatever you celebrate. *smooch*
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Well, poo. Told you I didn't understand this Yuletide biz. I've been waiting to see announcements regarding pinch hits, because I thought that would be fun, and since I didn't see any, assumed they'd come out after the deadline, right? 'Cos they're for those who are good with quick turnaround times, right? Turns out there's a Yahoo!Group you join to watch for them and I've been missing them since the beginning of November. Again, poo.
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