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I've decided I don't so much want to learn how to gamble, or to actually gamble any money at all--what I want is lessons on how to look classy and game-savvy while in casinos. Including sitting at gaming tables and such. Who's got classes I can take?
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Nothing quite like the feeling you get when your mom peels out her earphones with an odd look and asks, "What is this?" and you realize in converting a version of a Beach Vacation Playlist for your mom you somehow neglected to delete that copy of "He Whipped My Ass in Tennis (So I Fucked His Ass In Bed)".
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I did not carve a pumpkin this year--the season has been chock-a-block occupied with family projects (everyone's healthy, so, I'm grateful), so, pumpkin carving was sacrificed, along with keeping up with television (my DVR is groaning), movies (still haven't seen Kill the Messenger! I'M SORRY JEREMY), and most fic. I should be at my creative best right now, because the Muse is whimsical and likes to inspire me when I'm at my otherwise busiest, but she sublimated my enthusiasm into the family projects themselves, darnit. I guess that's good? Anyway, not dead, will stick around and be partcipatory when I can.
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Heeyy! Remember the girls' Darth Vader Tutu costume?

Adult version! With three other Star Wars dress options: X-Wing pilot, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett!

Thank you, ThinkGeek!
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There's this recurrent moment every time I pack to go somewhere: I put all my electronics into my suitcase, all my chargers, extra chargers, computer accessories, ipods, waterproof swim gear, then the books, magazines, travel itinerary, move on to accessories that are there for my comfort like plastic bags, foot cozies, travel candles, vitamin C lozenges, extra sunglasses, small purses, jewelry carrier, get the pared-down cosmetic bag, the maximum of shoes I'm allowing myself, look at the full-but-not-too-full bag, think smugly, "Hey, I'm packing reasonably lightly for once,"...

...and then remember, oh, yeah, clothes.
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Dreamt I was arguing that the Batsuit needed a nice sky blue peplum as a finishing touch. Oy.
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I have decided there is no statement of fact or intent that cannot be made funny/funnier by yelling in response, "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"
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Tonight I looked up from reading George R. R. Martin and glanced at the tv, which had a Wheel of Fortune puzzle underway:

_ O A T S   _ _ C K I N G

A T   T H E   _ A _ I N A

I'm sure they had no idea that "BOATS DOCKING AT THE MARINA" would, in media res, look so much like, "GOATS FUCKING AT THE VAGINA." Perfectly innocent.
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Joining the meme bandwagon on this one, from [personal profile] isis: if you've seen the Up-Goer-Five Text Editor, based on this entertaining XKCD comic, you should check out this thread in which people summarize their canons in words that pass the Up-Goer-Five test, and the sequel thread going on here. They're funny, but they're even better when you read them out loud to others; the S.O and I are in tears.
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Happy Halloween, everybody! I saw some folks in the Northeast U.S. checked in today to say they were okay, and I'm glad. Though it still sounds like there's a lot of power outages and cleanup to be had among you. I hope it goes quickly. *hugs*

In JR: PLR news, Jeremy Renner will be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 17. As one tumblr user has put it, "I'M NOT CRYING IT'S JUST VIOLENTLY RAINING ON MY FACE. LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE."

Without trying to make drama over it, I look at the further changes that appear to be coming to Livejournal and have decided it's time for me to a) give some money to Dreamwidth, b) import my LJ to DW, c) gussy up my DW, and d) start crossposting. I'll stay around LJ as long as it's tolerable, but, yeah. It's time for these measures.
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I got on an elevator today and there was a single black feather lying on the center of its floor. No one else rode the elevator with me. It was all very Gaimanesque.
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I got email from someone with the subject line, "Love your fanfiction!" but everything else was written in Chinese except for the words "Amanuensis" and "fanfiction" and the line "From Zhengzhou, China". Sorta nervous to reply to it in case it triggers spam, but if it's legit, thank you!
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I interrupt my Avengering to say that I got a missed call on my phone yesterday from an unknown number. My iPhone identifies it as originating from Forks, WA.


...if it's one of the Cullens, I want it to be Carlisle.
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Oh, I love my pretty glass hearts! Thanks so much to [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] incapricious, [ profile] titti, [ profile] ella_bane, and [ profile] emmagrant01!

In Strange Events of the Universe, I was on a long plane ride recently where they showed two films and NEITHER ONE was a romantic comedy. GASP! ^_^

(Pre-posting ETA: Oh, LJ, you've done it now, you've done away with the preview ability on posts altogether. You keep picking at my limits.) (Post-posting ETA as I edit: Wait, now it's back! I AM SO CONFUSED.)
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Dear major American health and diet magazine,

Since when is goat's milk a nondairy milk?

Thinking you're missing something,
Me (and Nanny)
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This weekend there was a thunderstorm so intense it made me put on underpants.
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I love the heat.

I love how hot it is right now. I love walking out the door and being enveloped by this sudden embrace of heat, feeling the sweat start to bead above my lip and lapping at the salt of it. I love the humidity that makes the air feel hotter, that makes me feel like I'm moving through water, like I could drink the air.

I love going home and refusing to turn on sniffle-inducing air conditioning. I love stripping down to undies, not in need of socks, cotton robes, down throws, or any of the layers that get me through the sluggish, horrible dry winter. I snicker as my damp skin slips and slides against any vinyl surface I touch.

I love dragging cold leftovers out of the fridge for dinner, leaving them for ten minutes on the countertop until they come to satisfying eating temperature, no microwave needed, a pitcher of cold water and a glass of cold sweet tea to accompany dinner.

I love running outside to the pool, stepping down into the water that's been baking in the day's heat until it's nearly bathwater, no need to get used to a chill water shock, and moving weightless through the warmth of it, swimming like I'm dancing through air.

I love sleeping under a single cotton sheet at night, still wet from the pool, chlorine smell in my hair, a fan blowing over the bed, my thoughts a happy, astonished litany of I'm not cold, I'm not cold, I'm not cold, at last I'm no longer cold.

Go ahead, throw things at me. I don't care, I'm too happy right now.
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On one of the fixtures in the bathrooms where I work, I just noticed that the text is in Babylon 5 font. It makes me want to make a sign to go under it that reads VORLONS ARE WATCHING YOU PEE, but, no one'll get it. ("No one'll get it" saves me from so many graffiti violations.)
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Do you know how rare it is that a stray mountain cat wanders near your bus? And the opportunity to yell, "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR" presents itself? Alas, even rarer are the chances that anyone in your group will even hear you because they're all squeaking and leaping into the bus, much less that you'll be with a group who will get the reference. Another opportunity of the universe lost.

There's been a round of discussion about feedback and comments going about LJ; based on one of the questions of comment etiquette I want to say that anytime anyone wants to make a comment on my journal that's not addressed to me but is aimed at another commenter, IT'S FINE. You can:
-pop by to talk to someone you haven't spoken with in a while, or
-discuss the point a commenter makes, or
-go off on a tangent, or
-just say, "Nice icon!" or
-make plans for the weekend with each other,
it's all good. Be my guest, have a good time, don't worry about whether the comment is addressed directly at me if you want to comment. Have fun.
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Odd coupling of total items purchased on a trip to the drug store:

A box of panty liners and a large bottle of ketchup.

I wondered if anyone thought I was off to play a prank or something.

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