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Most years I know what I'm going to do for a halloween pumpkin pattern weeks before; this year the exact pattern eluded me. I wanted something that would top the difficulty level of last year's and also spoke to me, but that never quite happened. So I picked two that appealed and left it at that, not worrying about topping previous efforts.

Both images are Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler; one image is a promo poster and the other a screencap from Kuroshitsuji II, and combined they look pretty damn spoilery (though they still don't give away as much as you'd think), so, if anyone wants to go unspoiled for Kuroshitsuji II (I'm looking at you, [ profile] son_of_darkness) DUN CLICK.

Pumpkin pictures are unretouched!

Preview #1:

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Preview #2:

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What I learned: Faces are a lot easier to do when they're LARGE. It was hard getting the little faces on these two even as accurate as this, and I never did arrive at "perfectly happy with it." But it was fun all the same!

Happy Halloween, everybody!
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I've always been a snob for "the original way things are," where "original" translates to "The way things were when *I* first found them" (so, that kind of "it's all about me" snob), but I am discovering that the title Black Butler comes to my lips more easily these days, with the American release of the DVDs, with English dub. Prior to this I clung to Kuroshitsuji without compromise, but when I find a simple phrase like, "Black Butler will be out on DVD in just a few days!" comes out of my mouth and gives me no twinge of, "What did I just call it?", well, maybe it's time I caved. It's good that English-speaking audiences will discover it and an English title helps that. It's not a proper noun, after all. But I keep feeling like the source material will turn its back on me in one collective flounce for the offense.

This, as I'm actually starting to begin learning Japanese, too, beyond just practicing hiragana and katakana over 'n' over. I learned to write fourteen kanji this week!
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Off to see Deathly Hallows today! I haven't kept it secret that I thought book 7 was a mess. Silly capers against a background of DOOM = me snickering. And the lack of a year at Hogwarts stole one of Rowling's major structural strengths. So I've been eager for this film since series' end, ready to see the problems of the last books corrected in script and on screen. The film of HBP managed it and I've always had faith DH would too.

In Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler news, Funimation has put the first four English dubbed episodes up on YouTube. I'm great with everyone's voice except...Ciel's. THE MAIN CHARACTER. ARGH. Ciel's voice sounds just right in the rare moments when he's yelling, but at every other time it's so breathy and quiet, I'm at the point where the English dub series works if I imagine Ciel's a cross-dressing girl. Which is an interesting AR, but. I want to enjoy the English experience of it so I hope I get used to the voice after a while. If not, well. "Language Options" DVD menu is my friend.
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International eBay sellers, I depend on you. Did someone tell you I was a patient woman? They lied. I've been waiting months for the sellers in Asia who feed cosplay needs to produce Alois's red spiderweb kimono. Where is it and why are you slacking so badly?
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*happy dance* Man, I did not think this one would come out this well. Thought I'd got too ambitious this year. (Sorry if I'm preening a bit, but I'm so happy with this.)

Kuroshitsuji Halloween pumpkin!

The image I wanted. Alois in the opening credits:

And the result.

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A Distinct Lack of Spoken Apology
Characters: Sebastian, Ciel, Undertaker
Words: ~1,000
A/N: An extension of the drabble "Sequel" that I wrote in "Epilogues and Beginnings," included below.
ETA: A typo corrected and a wordshift or two, after beta suggestions by [ profile] fabularasa.

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[ profile] moon_maiden36 made me my very first piece of Kuroshitsuji fanart for one of my fics, so I am not only squeeful, but have that lovely "I have ARRIVED" feeling for Kuroshitsuji fandom, yanno? (That whole series has just wrung me like a rag. But a happy rag.) Thank you so much, darling!
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Title: Epilogues and Beginnings: 33 Kuroshitsuji II series-ender drabbles
Words: ~2500
A/N: The mini-plotbunnies floating in my head wanted to turn into tiny little drabbles, some a few paragraphs, some just one sentence long. Some serious, some silly, some salacious.

Do not assume these all fit in the same storyverse. (Just like Kuroshitsuji itself.)

33 series-ender drabbles )
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[ profile] kurohedonism Prompt #4, "Regal"

Title:Put Not Your Trust In...
Words/Rating: 500, soft NC-17
Characters: Sebastian/Ciel
Spoilers: Nothing beyond the first series, second episode.
Summary: A hint at hierarchy.

'What reason might there be...' )

[ profile] kurohedonism Prompt #5, "Red"

Title: Ring Around a Rosy
Words/Rating: 495, R
Characters: Alois, the Earl of Trancy's household
Series/Spoilers: Up to anime series 2, episode 8
Summary: Even before he's contract-bound, a demon may choose to ripen his prey.
Extras: Warning for fictional child catamites. Thanks to [ profile] fabularasa for beta duty.

'Eyes like a sewer of corruption!' )
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[ profile] kurohedonism Prompt #3, "Midnight"

Title:Belle of the Ball
Words/Rating: 1125, soft NC-17
Characters: Alois/Hanna (non-con), Claude, Triplets
Spoilers: Up to Series II episode 5
Summary: Once there was a girl who wished to escape her miserable existence.
Extras: Thanks to [ profile] fabularasa for beta duty.

'And do you wish to go to the ball?' asked her Fairy Godmother. )
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So I've pretty much been enslaved to Kuroshitsuji II for the past three months, and during that time I wrote some ficlets for the contest group [ profile] kurohedonism. I'll crosspost the ones on which the posting restrictions have ended, for those who might be interested in a little smut even if the fandom isn't familiar. Smut's always good, right? (Even when new canon josses you.) I'll put together the shorter ones so that I don't make too many posts to comb through. Some got awards, too!

[ profile] kurohedonism Prompt #1,"Kiss"

Title: Like a Hair From Milk
Words/Rating: 392, PG
Characters: Sebastian, Ciel, some historical and fictional figures
Spoilers: The end of anime season 1
Summary: Sebastian has had many illustrious masters.
Extras: The title is a Talmud reference and can be explained here. Thanks to [ profile] fabularasa for beta duty.

Cats are sacred in Egypt... )

[ profile] kurohedonism Prompt #2, "Trembling"

Title: Barefaced On the Bier
Words/Rating: 500, PG
Characters: Claude/Alois
Spoilers: Through Series 2, episode 1
Summary: Claude is the stopgap, but not the cure.
Extras: Death, madness, hurt/comfort. The title is spoken by Ophelia in Hamlet. Beta thanks to [ profile] fabularasa.

'Make it stop, Claude.' )
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(Reposted here instead of on [ profile] kuroshitsuji.)

Have you been able to think about anything else since watching? I know I haven't. Heck, I haven't even eaten since yesterday.

Discussion of episode 12, and the whole second series. Spoilers for everything. )
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I couldn't do macros for the last episode. I made text icons instead. They're from Kuroshitsuji II, episode 8. They mock. Most of them come from the same lurid image...

Yes, that one.

No previews outside the cut; I thought it might be a bit too early even for minor spoilers.

(Follow the fake cut to nine text icons)
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Because everyone who's seen the last Kuroshitsuji episode is having wonderfully filthy thoughts. (Don't believe me? Check out all the hot animation over in this post. YES, that's all from the same episode.)

In Pari Delicto
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Summary: All sides of the contract reach their end. (The Dirty Version.)
Characters: Ciel/Alois, Sebastian, Claude
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~1400
All characters are fictional and thus have no age. Spoilers up to series 2, episode 6.

'Harder, you twisted little bastard!' )
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Having finally seen the first Kuroshitsuji II episode:
Spoilers )
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The debut of Kuroshitsuji II, spoilers: )
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I didn't carve my Halloween pumpkin this year until the 31st!

This is the original screencap that I chose:

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

And this is how the pumpkin came out (unretouched photo!):

More photos of the process below the cut )
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Title: His Butler, Diagnostician
Rating: NC-17
Characters Sebastian/Ciel
Word count: ~1300
Warnings: Sounding (if you don't know what that is look it up before you read this), discipline/torture. Ciel's age is not given in this.
Notes: Written for [ profile] kuroshi_contest's theme of Language.

Sebastian's glove tastes of iron filings and cloves. )
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The S.O. and I watched all the episodes of Kuroshitsuji together and, of course, MSTied the hell out of them (like you do). The end credits for the later episodes got a lot of jokes made by both of us, so I made icons for 'em.


Take, enjoy, credit or not, it's all good.

Twelve Kuroshitsuji icons below the cut )
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Title:All's Flair In Love and War
Rating: G (for shame)
Pairing/Characters: William, (/) Grell
Warnings/Notes/Summary William never expected Grell could make him feel comfortable.
Word count: 1180
Written for [ profile] kuroshi_contest Week #4 theme: Haven.

'Oh, Will-i-am...' )

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