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Finally I found an online copy of the caricature that was used to accompany Libby Gelman-Waxner's Entertainment Weekly humor column touching on The Bourne Legacy, in which she praises Jeremy Renner's acting ability and in a roundabout way his looks:
"Jeremy is also thuggishly sexy; he looks like Daniel Craig with the mumps."

Full-size pic behind the cut )
Art by Kirsten Ulve. Left to right, Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston, Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz. Hel-lo, hatchmarked facial hair!
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So since I got the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD combo on Tuesday, I have watched:

-The Avengers in English.

-The Avengers in English as I joined in the community liveblogging over on [ profile] be_compromised.

-The Avengers in English with the S.O., with full permission to riff on it--if we could. We knew that probably wasn't going to happen, as it's darned hard to riff something that's funny in the first place. After one half-hearted, "Bring worms," in response to, "The Hawk? In his nest," I pretty much gave up trying to be humorous and we mostly just chorused our favorite lines with the film ("Then put it on the left!"). I also made a point of freezing the film at 38 min. 50 sec. on the pretext of "Hey, let's have cake! While the screen just...sits here. And I...stare at it. While I eat cake." The S.O. indulges me shamefully. Good times.

-The Avengers in French (partly with the S.O.). That was a whole different brand of fun! My French is quite limited, but enough to catch some of the lines and enjoy hearing how they translated ("Juste douze pour cent c'est mon bébé?"). Riffing is more entertaining that way too; every lame "Votre père smelt of elderberries!" joke gets giggles. Great voice casting, too. French Loki has a particularly great timbre. French Tony (while awesome) gets the deep sexy voice that I would have thought French Nick Fury would have got.

-I have not watched any of the Blu-Ray features because I don't have a Blu-Ray player. Grr. Well, at least most of those leaked to the net last month.

-I've seen nearly all of The Avengers Second Screen experience app. (Turns out you don't need a Blu-Ray to sync it; it sound synced quite easily off the DVD.) There are still glitches with some of the video and storyboard frames, but, man, the behind-the-scenes trivia and CGI effect tech are a fan's dream, and I am just making squealy toddlerfists hoping someone is able to upload the "Stunt team enacts the entire fight scene" videos for everyone to experience. They're terrific.

Still haven't let myself wath the Joss Whedon commentary track. I'm pretty sure, based on the few bits I've heard about, that when I do watch it I'll need a box of tissues at my side 'cos I'll be crying with fangirl feels all the way through.

And since you were probably wondering--and as it doubles for an edition of JR: PLR--this is the image at 38 min. 50 sec.

Excuse me while I eat cake.
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Today's edition of JR: PLR features the film S.W.A.T. (2003); Renner has great hair, short sleeves, great biceps, guns, camo, and bad boy earrings. How are there not more screencaps of this one?

Living proof there oughta be tons of screencaps:

Well, I decided to make 'em myself. 20 Renner screencaps (lighting-adjusted) from S.W.A.T.behind the cut. View, take, enjoy.

20 Jeremy Renner S.W.A.T. screencaps. Warning: Ovarian combustion risk )

S.W.A.T.'s available at Netflix streaming right now. Go drool.
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Oh, my god, Grady Smith of Entertainment Weekly is a Clint/Coulson 'shipper.

Next to EW's magazine review of Brave there's a sidebar article on "big-screen archers", and wrapping up the list is the Arm-porn Avenger himself, and this is the opening sentence of the blurb:

Cut for inferring spoiliarity )
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*laughs like mad* This morning I had actual evidence that, whaddya know, I did ovulate two weeks ago.

And here I thought this was an exaggeration:

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Avengers, The Avengers, Avengers Assemble...whatever they called it in your damn country, it's my duty to tell you they titled it wrong. The actual title of this film is, Would You All Just F**k Already.

Oh my GOD. I have never seen such a wealth of eyesex in two-and-a-half hours.

I understand ever so well why [ profile] eeyore9990 said she couldn't make a proper response post to this film because her reaction was pretty much just one long squee sound. This film...I want to do this film. I could throw one leg over that boxed reel of celluloid and make moaning noises. There is little point in me trying to do a moment-by-moment breakdown of what I loved and what worked because every shot and every line and every plotpoint and every characterization and every calculated "See what we did there?" was beautiful. Some near-and-dear stuff will get specified under the cut, but, oh my god. The film gave every major character their own spotlight in the dance and I love how it did that and I loved absolutely everybody.

Which means my true fandom contribution should be to LIST ALL THE MOMENTS WHERE THE CHARACTERS WERE HAVING BETWEEN-SCENE SEX. AND THEN WE WILL ALL WRITE THEM. AND I'LL WRITE THE ONES THAT GET NEGLECTED. C'mon, what else do you hang around my journal for, anyway?

SPOILERS, oh yes, behind here. More than just the eyesex discussion. But a whole lotta that anyway. )
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*folds self into semi-lotus position, mantras:*

I am a mature, RATIONAL human being who does NOT regret her acceptance to wait until Sunday to see The Avengers when my friends have a free schedule.

*grinds teeth*

*digs nails into palms*


*goes to watch Hawkeye scene in Thor again, hyperventilating uselessly*

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