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Text icons featuring riff lines from Mystery Science Theater 3000's The Sword and the Dragon set to screencaps from Marvel's The Avengers. Mostly still, a couple animated.


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Hey, so, what frivolous and "no one else will care about this crossover but me" project have I been working on for, like, months? I did a crossover of riff lines from MST3K's The Sword and the Dragon with stills from The Avengers (much in the same way I did Sunshine with The Day the Earth Froze a few years ago). It's taken me forever (like labors of love do). I had this one pegged from the git-go, though, just for Little Falcon and his "I've never hit a damn thing, it's astounding!" bow and arrow. Plus I have about twelve different takes on the "It may be the wine, Lars, but you're a pretty man" line, because, duh. I'll put 'em up soon.
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I couldn't do macros for the last episode. I made text icons instead. They're from Kuroshitsuji II, episode 8. They mock. Most of them come from the same lurid image...

Yes, that one.

No previews outside the cut; I thought it might be a bit too early even for minor spoilers.

(Follow the fake cut to nine text icons)
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When the S.O. and I watched Hikaru no Go, we gave it the MST3K treatment as well, so here are some riff icons for the titles.


Seventeen Hikaru no Go riff text icons under the cut )
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I've just made what I'm pretty sure is my most tasteless icon to date.

Watch. I'll probably do something worse next week.
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I love the 2007 film Sunshine, but as a MST3K fan, I had to give it the The Day the Earth Froze treatment.


Take, enjoy, credit or not, it's all good.

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The S.O. and I watched all the episodes of Kuroshitsuji together and, of course, MSTied the hell out of them (like you do). The end credits for the later episodes got a lot of jokes made by both of us, so I made icons for 'em.


Take, enjoy, credit or not, it's all good.

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You know what I discovered this morning?

This icon that I made for Team Dragon for Snarry Games:

...I had no idea that the character I was quoting (from Rocky Number...Whatever*) was named Drago. I love inadvertent serendipity. ^_^

(*Yes, I know it's Rocky IV, but who cares.)
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For those of you who've said you won't read Deathly Hallows if certain undesired events happen (whatever those may be), I give you this icon.

Also, I have a badge which reads, "The internet is the largest library in the world, but the books are on the floor and some of them are burning," and I learn just how true that is when I look at my recs page. Jeebus. Three out of four links on that page are broken. I've spent a few days revising it, and while there aren't any actual new links so I don't want to bill it as an "update," at least the links that are there should work now. For as long as it lasts. And a number of the stories--I can't find them anywhere at all, any longer. For those stories that are listed that have no link, I'm glad to email my saved copies to anyone who'd like to read them. (And if you do have working links, for goodness' sake let me know!)
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Because [ profile] meredyth_13 has great ideas:

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So there's my first take.


Nov. 18th, 2006 05:33 pm
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As it looks like the trailer contains no better pictures of Tonks, I'll use what I've got.

...Have I mentioned this "I'm in yr _____, ____ing yr ______" thing is taking over my life? Someone says, "I'm in the kitchen making tea, want some?" and I yell back, "I'm in your kitchen, makin' your tea!" To which they look at me funny and say, "I don't even try to understand you anymore."

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