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Presenting the commercially available Darth Vader Tutu Costume.

From the blurb: "Darth Vader always wore a black mask -- who's to say he is not a she?"

I think I absolutely love this. I mean, I can see where the issue could be, "you don't have to dress girly to be Darth Vader, he or she." But what if you want to be girly? I would wear this costume myself, joyfully.
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[ profile] dixiebell12, [ profile] alice_montrose, and [ profile] dementordelta, thank you so very much for the adorable pumpkin cookie gifts on my userpage! They go so well with my pumpkin icons. ^_^ I love them!
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*happy dance* Man, I did not think this one would come out this well. Thought I'd got too ambitious this year. (Sorry if I'm preening a bit, but I'm so happy with this.)

Kuroshitsuji Halloween pumpkin!

The image I wanted. Alois in the opening credits:

And the result.

More pics below the cut )
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I didn't carve my Halloween pumpkin this year until the 31st!

This is the original screencap that I chose:

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

And this is how the pumpkin came out (unretouched photo!):

More photos of the process below the cut )
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Before Halloween can come and go, time to link again to my favorite costume-themed video.

(Language is NSFW.)

Girls' Costume Warehouse!

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Another Halloween pumpkin! Code Geass this time.

Lelouch was sad that he didn't get a pumpkin. So I made him one. ^_^

Original picture and template below the cut. )

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