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Here's something I don't want people to miss: Some Ways of Having Loving, by [ profile] marseverlasting. Sirius/Regulus, about 12,000 words, rated R. This is just lush. That's really the best word for prose like this, rich and descriptive and beautiful, full of metaphor that has you falling in love with whatever's being described. And for most of the story, that's Regulus, as Sirius looks at his cherished younger brother. There's teaching your brother to shave in this, guys, and it's more sensual than nine-tenths of the sex scenes out there.

(It's written for [ profile] hp_fairytales and takes its inspiration from Oscar Wilde's The Birthday of the Infanta, but you don't need even a lick of knowledge about that to enjoy this.)
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You ask me what kinds of fics I like? I like fics with a first line like this:

“I’m cold,” Draco said in that crisp voice he used when he expected something done about it.

That's the first line from [ profile] the_con_cept's loopily wonderful reversathon fic, Stalks and Bonds (parody threesome bonding fic, Snape/Harry/Draco). It's a lovely example of what I think is a perfect opening line: starts in the middle of the action, doesn't bother with exposition, tells me worlds about the character and attitude not only of Draco but of the narrative POV-person perceiving Draco's protest, and it's witty in a way that would suit both a humorous story or a dark ironic one. And it's the entire opening paragraph and it's not too long. You want to suck me into a story? Yeah. Do that.

The rest of the story, happily, is just as delightful--with an opening line like that, you know it's likely to be. 'S the nature of writing skill.
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So, yeah, while I like the idea of Snape/Lupin in theory, I'm not usually one to seek out fic for it. I get this Truffaut-esque sense of quietness with the pairing, which is not how I usually want my smut. (It's the Eddie Izzard "I've been arranging matches," "I think I'd...better go," "Yes, I think you better had," narrative, when I'm looking for his "Alla time in here with the f**king matches! You f**k my wife? You f**k my wife?" "I AM your wife!" sort of porn.)

Apparently all that's needed is to throw Draco into the mix. I'm overwhelmed by [ profile] kabeyk's fabulously literate The Way We Live Now, Remus/Severus/Draco, which never stops being snarkily delicious and funny and hot as all-get-out. It's a relatively short piece, posted on [ profile] pornish_pixies, and there's affectionate-when-he's-sneering!Snape and don't-doubt-he's-the-Alpha!Remus and sarcastic-even-when-he's-scared!Draco. Go have a look.
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If you're missing [ profile] nopejr's set of In-Honor-of-Harry's-Birthday drabbles, you're missing some of the best short fanfiction written in the HP universe. Slash smut and humor and high fantasy and horror, in wonderful crunchable bites. Check it out.
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I can't think why my endorsement will make a difference, as [ profile] pornish_pixies already has quite the reader list and reputation, but the lack of readers suggested by the scarcity of comments on the story No Need for the Niceties (Snape/Filch, Harry, NC-17) by [ profile] vissy is karmic injustice, man. Raw and dirty, complex, perfectly voiced--I'm imploring people to give it a look. (There's Snape! And fellatio! No, I'm not above base tactics.)
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[ profile] fee_absinthe's Snarryish answer to "What's happening to HP fandom?"

[profile] fee_absinthe is BRILLIANT. Go read.

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