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This is the second of my exchange fest fics I wrote this season; this one is for the [ profile] clint_hawkeye Clint-centric exchange, for [ profile] xsnarkasaurus.

Title: Why SHIELD Has No Fraternization Policy by [ profile] amanuensis1
Rating: R
Pairing, Characters: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson; Nick Fury, Natasha Romanov
Categories: Humor, Fix-It Fic, Sober Dénouement
Summary: Nick Fury's orientation for new recruits has a feature that's kept under wraps. (Fury's good at burying other secrets, too.)
Words: ~6,500
A/N: Dear [ profile] xsnarkasaurus, I hope you enjoy this! Went with your fondness for smart-ass banter. Many thanks to wonderbeta [ profile] cluegirl.

Read "Why SHIELD Has No Fraternization Policy" on AO3

Or, read here on my LJ )
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So, signed up for three of the Avengers holiday exchange fests that I was eyeing: [ profile] be_compromised(Clint/Natasha), [ profile] avengers_xchng (overall Avengers), and [ profile] clint_hawkeye (Clint-centric). I figure that's enough to keep me busy but not doubting my ability to get 'em done. I already have my assignment for Clint/Natasha and am making headway. I did want to sign up for the [ profile] cc_exchange Clint/Coulson fest, 'cos I still haven't written anything for that pairing and I really enjoy it, but I got intimidated when I read through the fest participants' prompts and realized I would like to read stories for all of 'em but didn't actually want to write most of those prompts. But maybe the Clint-centric and overall Avengers fests will give me the chance. (Plus maybe having multiple projects will let me get back the fic that's sitting at a few thousand words waiting to be finished.)

I'm surprising myself with the thought that I might not actually sign up for Yuletide. I do love Yuletide, but all I really want to focus on is Avengers or my own original fiction right now. I'm thinking I might haunt the prompts on my flist and on the pinch hitters group and look for a specific prompt to grab me, so I can still participate when Yuletide Madness comes around; that's always fun.

Anyone want to lobby me for something? Or share your own fest plans?
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So I'm tempted by five separate Avengers exchange fests:

[ profile] be_compromised: Clint/Natasha

[ profile] avengers_xchng overall Avengers

[ profile] clint_hawkeye Clint-centric

[ profile] starkbanner Tony/Bruce

[ profile] cc_exchange Clint/Coulson

(Plus Yuletide. Won't forget Yuletide.)

Why am I doing this to myself? I do better with prompt fests--the prompt inspires me to write, not so much the pairing or the list of kinks. And I've been working to get past a stuck place on one unfinished fic for months now. But the minimum limits for exchange fests are usually a thousand words; if I can't churn out six thousand words at minimum by the middle of December I may as well turn in my fandom badge. Plus most of them look as if they have the requesters post prompts. And I do better with deadlines; I always have.

So, yeah, when I'm sobbing in late November about all the fic I'm trying to finish, please pull out your "You did this to yourself" icons and feel free to sneer.
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Hey! [ profile] ithurtsmybrain, run by [ profile] trollprincess, is hosting the next The Pairing List That Ate My Brain. Go read the rules and give her ten characters from ten different fandoms to be plugged into the giant random pairing generator. Submissions end tomorrow.

This is the random generator fest that caused me to write crossover porn for Stargate Atlantis/Brotherhood of the Wolf(Sheppard/Mani), Run Lola Run/Guys and Dolls (Lola/Sarah Brown) and 24/The Incredibles (Jack Bauer/Mirage). I regret nothing.
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Arrgh, this is tricky. I'm working on my potential plot suggestions for my merry_smutmas requests, and the problem is that my desired-to-read post-DH plotbunnies are also those I'd like to write. What do you think? If I request a plotbunny that I also want to write myself, will that kill my desire to write it in the end? And if a fic like that is written by someone else will it seem copycattish if I go on and write another one?

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