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In honor of my new iPhone, I made myself ringtones from a convenient YouTube compilation: seven different language versions of Light's crazy long laugh from the last episode of Death Note. It's fun when I get phone calls. Thought I'd share them with my flist for a holiday gift.

Japanese short version
Castilian Spanish

m4r format. Link below the cut. Enjoy!

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The S.O. wants to know who I am and what has happened to his girlfriend.

Me: I started watching a new anime last night. Tiny little two-and-a-half-minute episodes. About a lost kitty.
S.O.: evil kitty?
Me: In the first episode the kitty wanders away from mama cat and gets lost.
S.O.:...and ends up in slavery?
Me: And in the second is taken in by a nice family.
S.O.:...who are kitten torturers?
Me: And in the third she gets a bath.
S.O. No geopolitical conflicts? No world domination?
Me: And in the fourth she plays with a shoelace and has a nap.
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Okay, all you holdouts, all nine U.S. release volumes--all 37 episodes--of Death Note are out on DVD as of this week; you have NO FREAKING EXCUSE any longer. I compel you all to watch the series. Buy it from Amazon. Buy it used from Amazon. Netflix it. Get it from iTunes. DON'T MAKE ME STAY ON CAPSLOCK.

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Death Note weave-in-and-out threadfic, the way I've always wanted it. All the moments about Light, and Light about L, and LightandL, that I wanted to feel to their depths, canon-compliant and done perfectly.

One Half the World, by [ profile] theredwepainted. 3600 words, hard R/soft NC-17.
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Look, I adored his character of Lt. Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica even before I learned Alessandro Juliani is also the English voice actor of L in Death Note, so my squee over Gaeta's revealed bisexuality is only a little shallow, okay? ONLY THAT SHALLOW.

Well, maybe a little extra shallow. &hearts
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[ profile] filkertom (who did Who the F**k Is Matt for the Death Note fans a little while ago) did it again--this time it's the premise of Death Note set to the Bad Horse Chorus (from Dr. Horrible). It's freaking fantastic. Go listen! (LJ post here for feedback)

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[ profile] filkertom's musical reaction to watching Death Note is awesome. Check out the (spoilery) lyrics to "Who the F**k is Matt," a parody of Camper Van Beethoven's "Where the Hell is Bill," either at his lj or on the Death Note community. I love this man.

ETA: Tom's recorded it!:
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My, it's nice to have a little time to meme-play.

Ganked from [ profile] lycoris:

Death Note meme--16 questions! )
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Wrote Death Note ficlet. Spoilers for the series.

Title: A Shinigami Fable
Author: [ profile] amanuensis1
Fandom: Death Note
Summary: The Shinigami have begun to tell stories. ~650 words.

(The realm of the Shinigami is not what it was.)
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Watched the first two of the live action Death Note films...Spoilers for everything I've seen of Death Note--anime, manga, Book 13, and the first two live action films. )
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Today, it appears...


...I may have...


...gone to three separate bookstores to buy a complete set of the Death Note manga along with #13 How To Read It and the Another Note novel and oh yeah a watch from eBay.

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Finished watching the anime episodes of Death Note.

Spoilers. )
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I've watched the first episode of Death Note with the English dub, to see if the dub was enjoyable, 'cos I love this series so much I'd like to experience it every way available. I think it's well done, but I'm not so happy with Ryuk's voice. Not that the actor isn't good, it just makes Ryuk a different guy. Japanese-voice Ryuk sounds like the kind of lazy good-for-nothing friend of yours that lies on your sofa eating your Cheetos and watching your cable, but you let him hang around because he's fun to play Gran Turismo with and he never asks you when you're gonna clean the place up. English-voice Ryuk, on the other hand, is not a friend but he's this guy a friend of a friend of yours knows, and you never ever hang out with him because they say he has mob ties and drives around with three shotguns and a drum of kerosene in his car trunk, and you only call him if you have to get rid of a body, and he says, "I'll meet you at ninth and Gateridge; bring fifty feet of garden hose and $8000," and while you're still saying, "Where the f**k am I gonna get $8000 and garden hose at this time of night?" he's already hung up on you and is heading over.

So, um, yeah. Different.
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I've watched episodes 1-26 of Death Note, and am pausing at this moment in the series. Because, oh my god.

MAJOR SPOILERS for eps 1-26 of Death Note behind the cut. If possible, I'd like to avoid spoilers for any of the other episodes, the manga, and the live action versions in the comments. )
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Just finished episode 18 of Death Note. Okay, every time this show has started to go in a a direction that made me say, "Oh, no--no, don't go there--don't let this be--" it one-eighties by the end of the episode and I'm all "Oh, JOY, thank you." And here I am at this point, and I'm trying to remember that the series hasn't failed me yet. It'll all one-eighty again...soon, right? She'll hold together. Hear me, baby? Hold together!


*does not want actual spoilers, just wants to record this moment for everyone who knows what I'm talking about*
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Fired, every last one of you, FIRED, for not telling me to sit down and watch the sublimity that is Death Note. You made me wait until I stumbled across the premise for myself. You all suck. This show is full of so much clever my brain cannot process. Eeeeeeee. I just watched episode 7--the one that takes place almost entirely on the street and is kind of real-timey, a la 24?--and I'm frozen from going on, frozen, because it was so freaking perfect I almost want the series to end right there. You people with your Supernatural and your Stargate Atlantis--bah, I tell you, bah! *writes down entire flist's names on Death Note*

I did somehow make time in the middle of mainlining Death Note to watch the latest Doctor Who, "Midnight." Exactly the kind of story that deserves to be a one-shot, yay for spot-on pacing. I was very happy that my first suspicions of "Wait...don't tell me it will all turn out to be--" were unfounded, and yes, images of the Doctor's face during that scene will be etched on my retinas whilst in the throes of sexual joy in the future. As if you doubted.

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