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Look, I adored his character of Lt. Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica even before I learned Alessandro Juliani is also the English voice actor of L in Death Note, so my squee over Gaeta's revealed bisexuality is only a little shallow, okay? ONLY THAT SHALLOW.

Well, maybe a little extra shallow. &hearts
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My thoughts on the Torchwood Season Finale are all here, so go there and read everyone else's thoughts too.

Thoughts on the Battlestar Galactica opener--really don't have any beyond, "OOOOH! My shiny show!"

Thoughts on the Doctor Who opener: without being spoilery, who's already transcribed the silent scene so that I can get all the nuances?

(Anticipate spoilers in the comments.)
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Everything I wanted. EVERYTHING. Kick ASS!!!
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You know, I'm less interested in the 'shipping on Battlestar Galactica than I am the plot and the non-romantic relationships betweeen the characters, but...SPOILERS for up to Resurrection Ship Pt. Two )
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Those of you anticipating replies to emails or lj comments, betas, etc., it's all [ profile] mctabby's fault. ^_^ (I had been planning to catch up this morning, really!) Summary Executions XXXVII is up, and I did a take on 'em here, here, and here.

Also, have finished all there is to be had of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. I'd have been cleverer if I'd thought, weeks ago, to begin recording reruns of the current stuff--second half of season two--off the SciFi channel, so that I could catch up, but it only occurred to me now. Reruns are already underway, in order, the next being Scar, which means I'll have a gap of four episodes. But! Yay for iTunes, which has all of the episodes available for $1.99 a pop. So I downloaded Resurrection Ship pt. 1 as a test, and it works great, so, yeah, I think it'll be worth the extra six bucks to catch up before next Friday. Hell, I might get impatient and decide not to lag behind on SciFi's rerun schedule, even.
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I finished Battlestar Galactica, Season One on DVD. Holy cripes, they weren't kidding--this series is amazing. I can hardly wait for Season Two to arrive from Netflix.

Very spoilery discussion of the characters, but only for Season One. )

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