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I got podficced again, oh wow! This one lent itself well to audio, and the readers are GREAT, and it's got music and cover art!

Go listen!
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Appropriate reaction to hearing Agent Carter got renewed: Hey yay what great news that was a great season and getting more Agent Carter is terrific and yay for female-helmed MCU storylines wheee!

My initial reaction to hearing Agent Carter got renewed: WHAT they told us it was going to be a self-contained miniseries and that was it I COMMITTED TO ONLY 8 EPISODES HOW DARE YOU TRICK ME LIKE THAT I WATCH TOO MUCH TELEVISION AS IT IS ALREADY
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I liked it better the second time around.

This time I went in without the first-time stress jitters, and this time I got to appreciate what a clever complex plot this was. Everything flows and goes just a teensy bit faster than what you anticipate, so that it's never talking down to you. I will always choose a "Keep up" plot over one where I can guess what's coming. *cough cough* nearly every other action movie on the planet *cough cough* I think it's as intricate as the story of The Avengers, but it's less joyful, darker. Ultron may be entertainingly bitchy but he's much more evil a villain than Loki the trickster. Different darker agenda. There couldn't be any funny end scene of the Avengers exhaustedly chomping down on shawarma in this one.

More thoughts, with spoilers )
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Avengers: Age of Ultron: my completely fannish selfish perspective. Overall okay with it!

Here Be Spoilers )
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Guess who just spent money?

Hawkeye AAOU Hot Toys figure

Not sure I love the face mold for this as much as the previous one, but I DUN CARE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.
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Hey, any of you read Core Values, the Avengers story by AnonEhouse where Loki turns everyone into apples and they have to figure out which ones they are to break the spell (oh, just go with it, 'k? It's funny)? So the September issue of Prevention magazine has a cover article on apple varieties, and you cannot make this kind of thing up, this is word for word from the article:
Northern Spy:

Taste It: If Scarlett Johansson were an apple, she'd be a Northern Spy: tart yet honeyed, luscious yet subtle.

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I got podficced!

CheyanneChika recorded my Clint/Coulson story, Why SHIELD Has No Fraternization Policy. I love how she captured the characters, especially the Fury rants without needing to do a Samuel L. Jackson imitation. Go listen!
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Had phone conversation with the S.O. this morning that devolved into Avengers snubbing Loki's comic books, which led to the line, "Journey Into my PANTS, why don't you."
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Never thought I'd get this uploaded! I promised pics, and I took several hundred of them a few weeks ago. Here's 12 of my favorites, ranging from what I call the "Go, my hawk" pose to some seriously slashy stuff (but nothing lewd).


Twelve Hawkeye-Loki Hot Toys figures pictures beneath the cut. )

Also available on Tumblr:
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Unf. Woke up from a dream about an Alien/Avengers crossover in which there could not possibly have been more Clint!Whump if I'd been planning it consciously. Because I'd have been too embarrassed to plan that degree of dirty deliciousness consciously.

I think it's a sign.
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Line from the first episode of the Avengers Assemble animated series:

Spoiler cut? Eh, suppose I oughta. )

...I can't be the only one who found that line unbearably arousing, can I?
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(Yes, this time I do plan to pose them slashily and take pictures. The faces are just too fabulous.)
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And here's Hawkeye hoodie #2, movie version. Again, started with basic instructions from shinykari's craft post.

Curved lines are trickier! Little tiny bits of tape, all lined up just so to form the curve. Worth it for labors of love, though.

Feelin' all kinds of badass. Seein' better from a distance. All that, ooh yeah.
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After seeing this craft post, I knew I had to have my own Hawkeye hoodie. Thanks for sharing, shinykari!

Went with lighter-purple on purple Kavio! hoodie. (I live in these hoodies; I have a dozen of 'em)

Movie!Hawkeye maroon emblem version coming soon. More complicated, with curved lines. Hope it comes out right.
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Walking on the beach listening to my iPod is good for prompting ballad pastiches, it seems! First time I've done this in Avengers fandom, though.

Title: Matty Groves, or, The Extraction
Pairing: Clint/Natasha/Coulson, Natasha/OMC
Warnings: Violence, Misogyny
Summary: Angelo Marioni only thinks he's the luckiest sonovabitch in the world, and Clint Barton hates extractions like these.
A/N: Another Ballad pastiche from me. Lyrics for "Matty Groves" can be found here. Thanks to [personal profile] cluegirl for beta duty!

"And you will strike the very first blow, and strike it like a man.
I will strike the very next blow, and I'll kill you if I can."

Read on AO3 LJ

Or read here, below the cut )
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Wrote a little something for the be_compromised Valentine's Day Mini-Promptathon. Clint/Natasha, humor, dialogue fic.

Title: Don't Call It The Little Cherub Either
Rating: R for implications
Characters/Pairings: Clint/Natasha
Category/Warnings: Humor; cursing, imperiled genitalia (but in a humorous way)
Summary: Some villains have the kinkiest superhero traps.
Word Count: ~1,000
A/N: From a prompt by purely_distel--a little bit of a twist on what you'd asked for, but, hope you still enjoy it!

Posted on AO3

Or, read here behind the cut )
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The Frosthawk tumblr hasn't had any new entries for four days. FOUR DAYS. *writhes* Do I have to do everything myself? I am not an artist, guys! Are you really going to make me pose my action figures in lustful embraces and take pictures? I try so hard to stay above that level.
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Meant to post this after the reveals went up--this was my fic for the [community profile] be_compromised Clint/Natasha Secret Santa fest, written for [profile] shanynde.

Title: In Other Words, Thursday
Author: [personal profile] amanuensis1
A Gift For: [profile] shanynde
Rating: R
Warnings: Assassination, a bit of smut
Pairings: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
Summary: Assassination, extraction, and morning-after breakfast. It's their version of domestic.
A/N: Author's Notes at the end. Many thanks to my betas [personal profile] fabularasa and [personal profile] cluegirl!

Read at AO3 or on the [community profile] be_compromised comm, or here:

Natasha let the corpse--all hundred-and-twenty pelmeni-stuffed kilos of him--collapse to the carpet. )
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Fifty minutes after learning that Rifftrax had done The Avengers, the S.O. and I were already 45 minutes into it. I made noises of screeching hilarity I may never have made in my life.

"Kneel before me!"
"We would, but we've got Zod pencilled in for a kneeling-before right now."

I assumed it would be difficult to make a riff of The Avengers funny, since the script self-riffs, but they actually used that as meta. And even though the Rifftrax guys fall into taking the low road sometimes--they've got a habit of irritatingly one-note-ing a character over and over, what with "We hate Ben Affleck" in Daredevil, "Robert Downey Jr.'s had a drug problem" in Iron Man, and "Hawkeye's a lame superhero" in this one--I still laughed like a loon. Check out for some quick gifsets of jokes, or watch the preview on the Rifftrax site.

And it gave me what I think must be a terribly embarrassing revelation: remember in the film when (trying not to spoil) one character says, "This was never going to work if they didn't have something to..." and doesn't complete that sentence?

Yeah, well...I never once finished that sentence in my head with avenge. It was always something to bring them together, or something to fight for. And when the Rifftrax guys actually went there my mouth went open at the obvious. Where I'd never once gone. *facepalms*

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