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Thanks for the help with my Delicious troubles; the problem seems to be with my account, as I made a new one and that one adds links okay. I guess I'll keep the old one as an archive and use the new one for new links. Can't figure out why that's misbehaving, though!

Have observed that it's a cooler start to the summer where I live. I've decided to classify days as cool or warm depending on the solid or liquid state of my coconut oil.
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Delicious just stopped working for me; I still use the version, because I could the new one simply would never add links for me, but now the previous version's stopped adding links too. Tried multiple browsers, added the bookmarklet, nothing's working. Doesn't work on iOS browsers either. Can still load the pages, sign in, all that--just can't add links anymore. Anyone else?
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All right, who failed to tell me there was a fabulous Jeremy Renner reference in the first five minutes of Birdman? I'd have seen it long before this!

(The fact that it won a Best Picture Oscar which essentially means everyone thought it was a movie worth seeing--not an excuse. Get with it, people.)

(And yes, Birdman was terrific.)
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Appropriate reaction to hearing Agent Carter got renewed: Hey yay what great news that was a great season and getting more Agent Carter is terrific and yay for female-helmed MCU storylines wheee!

My initial reaction to hearing Agent Carter got renewed: WHAT they told us it was going to be a self-contained miniseries and that was it I COMMITTED TO ONLY 8 EPISODES HOW DARE YOU TRICK ME LIKE THAT I WATCH TOO MUCH TELEVISION AS IT IS ALREADY
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I liked it better the second time around.

This time I went in without the first-time stress jitters, and this time I got to appreciate what a clever complex plot this was. Everything flows and goes just a teensy bit faster than what you anticipate, so that it's never talking down to you. I will always choose a "Keep up" plot over one where I can guess what's coming. *cough cough* nearly every other action movie on the planet *cough cough* I think it's as intricate as the story of The Avengers, but it's less joyful, darker. Ultron may be entertainingly bitchy but he's much more evil a villain than Loki the trickster. Different darker agenda. There couldn't be any funny end scene of the Avengers exhaustedly chomping down on shawarma in this one.

More thoughts, with spoilers )
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Avengers: Age of Ultron: my completely fannish selfish perspective. Overall okay with it!

Here Be Spoilers )
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I've decided I don't so much want to learn how to gamble, or to actually gamble any money at all--what I want is lessons on how to look classy and game-savvy while in casinos. Including sitting at gaming tables and such. Who's got classes I can take?
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Guess who just spent money?

Hawkeye AAOU Hot Toys figure

Not sure I love the face mold for this as much as the previous one, but I DUN CARE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.
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Nothing quite like the feeling you get when your mom peels out her earphones with an odd look and asks, "What is this?" and you realize in converting a version of a Beach Vacation Playlist for your mom you somehow neglected to delete that copy of "He Whipped My Ass in Tennis (So I Fucked His Ass In Bed)".
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I started reading a cooking magazine and got to the "Recipe Index" at the beginning and flipped to the next page lightning-quick, squeaking, "Spoiler alert!"
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I did not carve a pumpkin this year--the season has been chock-a-block occupied with family projects (everyone's healthy, so, I'm grateful), so, pumpkin carving was sacrificed, along with keeping up with television (my DVR is groaning), movies (still haven't seen Kill the Messenger! I'M SORRY JEREMY), and most fic. I should be at my creative best right now, because the Muse is whimsical and likes to inspire me when I'm at my otherwise busiest, but she sublimated my enthusiasm into the family projects themselves, darnit. I guess that's good? Anyway, not dead, will stick around and be partcipatory when I can.
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Hey, any of you read Core Values, the Avengers story by AnonEhouse where Loki turns everyone into apples and they have to figure out which ones they are to break the spell (oh, just go with it, 'k? It's funny)? So the September issue of Prevention magazine has a cover article on apple varieties, and you cannot make this kind of thing up, this is word for word from the article:
Northern Spy:

Taste It: If Scarlett Johansson were an apple, she'd be a Northern Spy: tart yet honeyed, luscious yet subtle.

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I got podficced!

CheyanneChika recorded my Clint/Coulson story, Why SHIELD Has No Fraternization Policy. I love how she captured the characters, especially the Fury rants without needing to do a Samuel L. Jackson imitation. Go listen!
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Rik Mayall dead at age 56


Not my "The Young Ones" Rik. Not my Lord Flasheart.
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For someone who eats everything, I'm still choosy when it comes to potato and macaroni salads. On this day of traditional summer picnicking, I concocted my own Warm Potato Salad:
Peel and dice raw Yukon Gold potatoes; set in glass casserole dish with glass lid and microwave on high for six minutes. Let sit in covered dish for an additional five minutes. Mix in mayonnaise, diced bread-and-butter pickles, a little pickle juice, and diced hard-cooked egg. All volumes to your taste.

That's it. No unwanted pimento or celery or black pepper or poppy seeds or what have you. I was happy.
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Agents of SHIELD season finale reaction post:
Short version: HAPPY )
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My new literary demand: Books are no longer allowed to use science-y titles when their subject is not science or science fiction. That is, if a book is titled, "The Doppler Effect" or "Avogadro's Number" etc. that book is not allowed to be about a woman living on a farm in Kentucky contemplating leaving her abusive husband nor about a teen girl with romance issues nor a widower who has lost his faith and searches for meaning on a trip to India etc. I demand truth in advertising.
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I am running out of unwatched Jeremy Renner movies, so I got a Jimmy Cagney film to watch in the meantime.

When is someone gonna make a Jimmy Cagney biopic for Renner to star in, darnit? This is necessary.
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Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD: Nothing Personal: I don't think... )
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Oh CRIPES I need someplace to talk about tonight's Agents of SHIELD. Anybody up for discussion?

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